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  • Jim Tobin has been a life saver over the years. His Excel skills and overall knowledge helped my company through three different payroll software conversions which is a bear. Jim’s macros automated many of our accounting processes which increased staff productivity and shortened month-end close time. Jim even sat with me a full day watching me work, showing me how to streamline everything I was doing. I continue to apply his tips and tricks to my job every day. It is nice to know I have someone trustworthy to call for any needed project or problem.  Anyone who utilizes Jim’s abilities is making a smart move!
    VP of Central Accounting at Aimbridge Hospitality
  • We hired Jim to assist with an accounting software enhancement that involved several hundred entities and thousands of account and vendor records. Jim and his team executed the processes flawlessly. I also hired them to assist with several process improvements that required extensive Excel knowledge using data from multiple resources to achieve the results we needed. These process improvements shaved days from our monthly workload.Whenever I have a project that requires excellent Excel skills, attention to detail, thorough accounting knowledge, and an ownership mindset, Jim is the only company I will turn to.
    CFO at Western International

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Cookies I shape “freehand”, end up looking like science fiction experiments gone bad. Excel cookie cutters (aka Templates) ensure that your presentations are more appealing, consistent and will save time.

Dating Isn’t Really That Hard!

My darling bride’s definition of “a first date” was getting dressed up and having a lousy time. That is, until she met…

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